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Ever wonder who is behind In the Woods Floral & Events?   This picture made us wonder!!!


The Viennese Hour….

I am loving the Viennese Hour at weddings….take a candy buffet or sweet table and multiply it by WOW.

What should you feature at your Viennese hour? Everything! The whole point of it is to give your guests that kid in a candy shop feeling. Everywhere they look, they should discover another of their favorite sweets. The dessert hour should leave your guests a little awestruck, as they look around in wonder, thinking, “Where should I begin?”.

The basics of a wedding Viennese hour or dessert bar are cookies, bars like brownies and blondies, cakes, pies, and mini pastries. Regional specialties should certainly be on the menu; think New York cheesecake in Manhattan or beignets in New Orleans. Individual servings of favorite desserts like creme brule and chocolate pudding should also be on the menu. And this is only the beginning!

Chocolate and candies are another part of a Viennese hour. The most impressive way to serve chocolate is a chocolate fountain. Guests find them irresistible, and love the chance to dip fresh fruit, pretzels, and gourmet marshmallows into the flowing chocolate. Another option is to present chocolate dipped fruits like strawberries instead of having the fountain. An array of white, milk, and dark chocolate dipped fruits would be especially nice. Be sure to order the chocolate dipped treats in large vernall_wed_1164quantities, because your guests will go crazy for them!

Once you have the basic elements of your wedding Viennese hour decided, it is time to choose your “wow” factor. Remember that a Viennese hour should be elaborate and indulgent, so this is the time to really pull out all the stops. Any number of specialized stations will work as your “wow” feature. Choose one, or if space allows, include them all to really blow your guests away. An ice cream sundae bar is one idea for the main feature. A custom crepe station with an attendant to make whatever your guests want is an elegant addition. Or go for a nostalgic carnival theme with cotton candy and funnel cake carts.

Finally, plan to have a special beverage area. A coffee bar with an attendant to make cappuccinos and espressos is a must. For a wedding with children on the guest list, cocoa would be a good addition to the menu. It is also nice to have a mini-bar to serve liqueurs and cordials. If there is room in the budget, glasses of Champagne or sparkling wine would be the perfect complement to the chocolate dipped strawberries. With all of the elements in place, you can be certain that your guests will remember your wedding reception Viennese hour for years to come!

What a Weekend! Lake Wissota Tasting Event

I consider myself lucky to know and be surrounded by some pretty amazing wedding professionals.  This past Sunday we were invited to take part in the Lake Wissota Tasting Event in Chippewa Falls, WI.  It was so amazing to be able to transform the beautiful space into something so sparkly!  Added bonus….to meet some amazing couples that we get the chance to be a small part of their day and to spend the evening with the best wedding pros I know…..we all L.O.V.E what we do and it shows!  Check out the photos…..some photos by the AWESOME Kate Bentley ( 

DSC_4487 DSC_4488 DSC_4499 DSC_4502 DSC_4505 DSC_4509





What’s in a Flower?

Flowers are  a very important part of the wedding day.  Many girls have dreamed their whole life of their “big wedding day”.  Flowers are very unique way to express excitement and elegance.

Did you  know that flowers come from all parts of the world? They range from various sizes and shapes and smells.   Growers are constantly  developing newer varieties of flowers.   Roses are among one of the most popular flowers in floral design.  There are over 6,500 varieties of roses.  The variance includes; shape of rose, petal count, smell and color.  Orchids are also avery popular in wedding floral design.  Orchids have over 30,000 to 40,000  different species. ( only a select few are commonly used in wedding florals.